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Speciality Areas of Practice

Panic Attacks 

Panic attacks evoke a strong fear of losing control, not being able to breathe or having a heart attack. They can come on suddenly without warning & are often accompanied by intense uncomfortable sensations in the body. I help clients to understand their own cycle of panic and empower them to learn the tools to manage panic attacks confidently. This process involves short-term treatment grounded in Cognitive Behavioural therapy comprising of weekly sessions aimed at helping you to get engaged again in what matters to you.

Traumatic events

Traumatic events can shift our relationship with the world, other people and ourselves.  I help clients to reclaim their lives from these impacts through a powerful treatment called Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy.  This therapy involves short-term weekly sessions aimed at helping you to make sense of the trauma in a way your brain & body weren't able to at the time of the event. It also involves finding ways for you to reconnect with things in your life that you have found difficult since the trauma.

Health-related anxiety & fear of death

Health anxiety, illness anxiety or what is sometimes referred to as hypochondriasis involves fear related to getting seriously sick or dying. This type of anxiety can consume you with worries about your future and often involves experiencing a lot of uncomfortable sensations in the body.  I support clients in making sense of their own cycle of health anxiety (whether they have a clear diagnosis of a physical condition or not) and empower them to learn the tools to live in their bodies with more ease.  This process involves short-term weekly sessions aimed at taking your life back one step at a time with treatment that includes components of Cognitive Behavioural therapy & Exposure Response Prevention.

Other areas

Please refer to "About" section for other areas of practice.

"Courage is being scared and doing it anyway."

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